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Knee manipulation
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HealthReach now offers yoga classes at our Brookfield location. Read More
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Dizziness and Balance Therapy
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Comprehensive Physical, Occupational and Speech Therapy

HealthReach Rehabilitation Services helps people of all stages of life achieve the highest possible level of physical function and quality of life through comprehensive physical, occupational and speech therapy.

We have 25 therapists who provide service:

  • at HealthReach Rehab clinics throughout metro Milwaukee and southeastern Wisconsin,
  • at nursing homes and assisted living centers where we serve residents as well as the public,
  • at workplaces and industrial sites,
  • at other organizations,
  • in our patients' homes,
  • and in school systems, child care centers and for birth-to-3 early intervention programs.

You Have a Choice!

HealthReach is an independent therapy organization, unaffiliated with any single health care system, thus it is free to provide customized treatment at competitive rates.


As a Medicare Certified Rehabilitation Agency, our services are eligible for coverage under Medicare, Medicaid and most private health care plans.

Our Care is Second to None

HealthReach Rehabilitation Services is truly a company where care comes first. We focus not only on complete and thorough treatment programs, but also on preventive and holistic care, as well as on unique programs to meet each patient’s specific needs.